ID leg band for all goats

GOAT farmers -now including dairy, earless and miniature goat producers – will be required to fit an National Livestock Identification System device to their animals when moving them as from March next year.

The goat-leg band identification devices are electronically readable to give producers an alternative to conventional ear tags and to help them meet livestock traceability requirements.

The leg bands have been granted full accreditation by Integrity Systems Company as recommended by the National Livestock Identification System standards committee.

SAFEMEAT advisory group chairperson Andrew Henderson said they were listening and delivering for the industry in consultation with state authorities.

“With biosecurity threats on our doorstep it is critical to fast-track alternative traceability options for dairy, earless and miniature goat producers,” Mr Henderson said.

Goat Industry Council of Australia president, John Falkenhagen, said Australian goat rangeland producers, dairy producers and small breeders provide high-quality exports that require the highest standard of assurance.

The leg bands can be bought through registered rural suppliers.

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