Parvo virus outbreak

IT has come to the attention of Latrobe Valley charity, Companion Pet Care and local vets that there is an outbreak of Parvo virus in the Latrobe Valley at the moment.

Parvo virus is one of the diseases that annual vaccination of your dog helps prevent. It is a highly contagious, highly transmittable disease that can persist in the environment for an extended period. These areas are generally public areas such as parks, footpaths and other spaces frequented by owners and their pets, as well as the living quarters of the animals.

An unvaccinated dog running on a park where a Parvo positive dog has been is at great risk.

Parvo virus symptoms include vomiting, diarrhoea (often bloody), lethargy, reduced appetite and tummy pain. Symptoms progress quickly and even with treatment it can be fatal.

Owners are encouraged to check their dogs vaccination status and get their dogs vaccinated immediately, if due, to have their beloved pet as protected as possible. Dogs under one year are at higher risk.

“I hope they (owners of infected dogs) understand how infectious this virus is and how persistent it is in the environment (i.e. years). Any unvaccinated dog visiting their property in years to come will be at risk,” a local vet said. a

“So, they need to be very mindful. They will also need to think about using disinfectants that are effective against unenveloped viruses to decontaminate any hard surfaces at home – some products that could be used include accelerated hydrogen peroxide disinfectants, and F10 used at appropriate dilution rates for appropriate contact times.

“This will be a lot to take on board for them while they’re dealing with this but the main thing is for them to understand that the property will be a risk for some years.”

If you have a dog who appears to possibly have the above symptoms, contact your vet ASAP for further instructions and to have your pet tested for Parvo. It is imperative that an infected dog does not enter the veterinary surgery, as it will contaminate any area it touches.

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